Welcome to Saint Stone M&E, your reliable hydropower equipments supplier with high efficiency and cost effective.Saint Stone M&E based on China, and head for the world for many years. We supply complete sets of hydropower equipments including Hydro turbine, Hydro generator, Governor, Transformer, Valve and Electrical Control equipments to worldwide customers.

Saint Stone M&E also develops and produces Trash-cleaning machine for hydropower stations and New barrier-free hydraulic gate dam.The trash-cleaning machine can remove the trashes on the trash racks. In the reservoirs and rivers which are with large amount of trashes, it is necessary to set up a Trash-cleaning machine, so that the trashes can be removed without shutting down the hydropower equipments or emptying of the reservoir. It can enhance the safety and operation efficiency of the hydropower station or Pump station, The New barrier-free hydraulic gate dam is a simple movable dam technology. It is widely used in agricultural irrigation, fishery, navigation lock, sea water floodgate, urban river landscape engineering and mini and micro hydropower station. The New barrier-free hydraulic gate dam is with scientific mechanical structure, non water-blocking, no afraid of sediment and flotage. It can easily wash out the flotage from upstream with little flow loss and clean the water. Meanwhile, the ability to resist flood and impact is strong, and it can quickly release the dam, which does not affect the safety of flood control.